About us

Ehlerding Consulting exists as a business and recruitment consultancy specialising in the fields of consumer goods (FMCG) and organic and natural cosmetics. Due to this specialisation, we are able to recognise industry trends and be forward looking in our placement of candidates. Our depth of knowledge and experience in the field has allowed the cultivation of strong links to business, which gives us access to decision-makers, specialists and executives from across the industry. As such Ehlerding Consulting are able to provide a unique offering to both candidates, in ensuring they maximise their potential, and to business through ensuring they have the workforce needed to succeed.

About the founder

Business founder and international consultant Falko Götz Ehlerding has worked for a number of years in a well-known recruitment consultancy with a specialisation within the international consumer goods industry. After having studied business and economics in Switzerland and Scotland, UK, where he graduated with honorary degrees, he was further able to improve and expand his expertise as an international management consultant for, among others, blue chip FMCG companies. Within this industry he has successfully filled a variety of jobs, from field sales representative up to executive and specialist level. In the past years, he focused more on the area of “organic and natural cosmetics” because of his personal appreciation for sustainability, nature and the environment and decided to be self-employed in this industry.

In his leisure time, Mr. Ehlerding loves to sail, refit yachts and participate in team sports. Having had the opportunity to cross the Atlantic Ocean, sailing is a particular passion.